• + Clinical Domain

    Apollo provides you with access to over 3,000 highly qualified professionals across 13 global delivery locations. Our team of experts brings valuable first-hand knowledge as many have worked directly in healthcare roles as nurses, clinicians, and medical technicians. To enhance their hand-on experience, Apollo's team has earned numerous certifications including Six Sigma Black Belt, AAPC, AHIMA, among others.

    Our healthcare professionals provide the knowledge and tools your organization needs to stay on top of today's dynamic healthcare environment. Extending your team's resources, we help you combat the challenges of decreasing reimbursement and tough regulatory standards with a combination of smart technology, tested solutions, and global resources.

  • + Six Sigma

    Apollo deploys Six Sigma tools to enable substantial improvements in all processes providing a true, measurable benefit to our clients. Our Six Sigma quality assurance process begins by defining "Critical To Quality" (CTQ) issues from a customer's perspective. We then identify and analyze the causes behind sub-optimal performance of the CTQs. Upon the completion of analysis, improvement plans and actions are taken to initiate change and improve quality. Our team ensures the improvements are sustainable through a long-term control and monitoring process.

  • + Global Delivery Model

    Apollo offers a blended model of offshore and onshore client account management and client training. At the core of this global delivery model is Apollo's healthcare domain, workflow, and technology expertise coupled with our offshore outsourcing capabilities. Our clients have found reduced turn-around times in software delivery, customization, implementation, support, and testing.

    Our Global Delivery Model is compromised of:

    • Geographically distributed project and process components utilized where value is maximized and work can be performed most efficiently
    • Client portals and reporting dashboards that provide clients with detailed, real time information
    • Effective resourcing model which begins with advance planning for resource needs in line with business growth to ongoing staff training and management
    • Project management processes aligned with industry best practices that are tailored to specific client needs and address each key aspect of the project life cycle
    • Robust project planning and estimation processes strengthened by the use of a variety of custom-built and third party tools which help us manage the complexities
    • Mature business continuity planning for risk identification, monitoring, and mitigation coupled with Apollo's technology infrastructure including state-of-the-art fail safe network connectivity with multiple fall-back options for data storage and access

  • + Compliance and Confidentiality

    All work performed by Apollo is governed by our commitment to data confidentiality as well as by our demonstrated focus on corporate compliance. We recognize that in order to serve our clients, they must trust us with their sensitive patient and financial information. Much of this information is protected by various federal and state laws, most notably the Health Insurance Portability and Accountably Act (HIPAA). All Apollo employees are trained to adhere to strict security protocols and policies to safeguard the data entrusted to us and to fulfill the privacy obligations of our customers.

  • + ISO:9001 Certification

    As an ISO:9001 certified entity, we follow ISO quality management standards in all of our daily operations. During the implementation stage, we review the process with our client, and modify the execution plan and quality documentation to ensure alignment with their goals and objectives. These customized processes become the foundation for our ongoing quality standards for each client and function as an evolutionary working document that is enhanced as new needs are identified.

  • + Patient Friendly Service Model

    Apollo's commitment to a patient friendly customer service environment is embedded into every aspect of our workflow. All inbound customer service calls are directed to a dedicated staff of US-based bilingual customer service representatives, who also have extensive training in using translation services if necessary. These customer service representatives are trained in listening to the needs of the patient, determining the nature of the problem, and routing the call appropriately if needed. We resolve patient issues within 24 hours and document our interactions with each and every patient.

  • + Comprehensive Methodology and Technology

    Apollo's comprehensive product offering combines superior technology and services into a unified solution - allowing you to optimize revenue while minimizing costs. As a result of our ongoing work with the largest and most complex healthcare providers, the scope and effectiveness of our data management solutions are continually expanding and improving. Apollo enjoys a long track record of providing responsive and successful revenue enhancement work to physicians, hospitals, and health plans.

    Apollo utilizes Passport Onesource for insurance eligibility and benefit verification. Apollo has developed a relationship with Passport over the years to process eligibility transactions in a bulk fashion. Apollo has customized a full workflow around the various responses as well as an in-depth look at verification of benefits.

    Apollo also performs skip tracing, credit scoring, and asset searches through Accurint powered by Lexis-Nexis. As Apollo's vendor of choice, we have integrated the many searches and look-ups based around the available data obtained and/or provided by our clients. The information obtained is then leveraged to make decisions about payment plans, Medicaid eligibility, and/or government eligibility opportunities.

  • + End to End Business Outsourcing

    With a wide breadth of services available for providers, health plans, governments, and other organizations, Apollo is able to deliver full business process outsourcing for all of your business processes. We support all of your end to end business processes so you will realize lower costs while gaining an increase in quality and transparency of data.


Apollo Advantages

Apollo Health Street brings together a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, smart technology, best practices, and global resources.

Our experts can help you maximize your hospital's revenue cycle, keep your physician practice in line with the toughest regulatory standards, manage patient claims from beginning to end, or implement an innovative electronic medical records system.

We offer the advantages you need to enhance your team's business capabilities and strengthen your bottom line.